the humble broomstick is a great implement for overhead stretching, rowing etc. If you have trouble feeling certain muscles work, especially those in your upper back, low lats area a broomstick can help you get the movement pattern down. Take your broomstick and hold it just above your head slightly more than shoulder width apart. … More Broomstick


while it’s warm in the winter and sexy on the beach an extra layer of flab covering your midsection is a serious health marker. Doing endless sets of crunches will not get you the defined abs you are looking for. As I mentioned before doing crunches and other ab exercises while taking the hip flexors … More Vacuum

Lifting belts

unless you are lifting super heavy (3 reps or less with 90%+ max) or you have a lower back issue it is best to avoid using a lifting belt. By using a belt you are not allowing your core muscles to strengthen enough to support your heavier lifts. To keep a balance between your ab … More Lifting belts


you either believe in it or you don’t. In one corner are the advocates that say you need to be at or near the maximum amount of weight you can handle at that moment. Which translated means push at or near your max depending on your present level of strength. In the other corner are … More Periodization

Resistive Force

All movements have the resistive force against gravity. Only by adding weight can that force be increased since the force of gravity for all intent and purposes remains unchanged. But, we have talked about the importance of working movement patterns against resistance in all planes. So we are faced with a quandary. How can we … More Resistive Force

Wobble curls

A great way to activate more motor units is to make the apparatus you are using unstable. While I worry about the proliferation of wobble boards and Swiss balls especially for beginners I am in favor of safely using the concept.  A great way to accomplish this is with barbell exercises like curls or bench … More Wobble curls

Peak contraction

you will get more out of certain exercises if you hold them in the contracted position (positive end of the exercise) especially on those exercises that are isolationary in nature. A good example is a concentration curl in which the top position generally offers little resistance. By squeezing and holding the weight for a count … More Peak contraction

Intermittent Fasting

in a sense we perform intermittent fasting every night when we fall asleep. Hence the term break-fast. Is it possible to jump start weight loss with skipping meals? Yes, but this practice needs to be done sparingly. If we agree that there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat then skipping one 500 calorie … More Intermittent Fasting

Not feeling it

some days working out seems like a chore. It happens to everyone. When faced with this situation you can either walk away or try to come up with a solution. The first part to assess is your general health. If you are sick then obviously you need a day off. Otherwise it is up to … More Not feeling it