Soreness as an indicator

Ever wonder why some workouts leave you so sore you can hardly even brush your teeth while other workouts do not cause any soreness at all? 

  • Eccentric contractions the lowering of weight causes more muscle damage than concentric contractions
  • Heavier loads cause more muscle microtearing 
  • Workouts spaced far apart seem to cause more soreness
  • New or unfamiliar exercises cause more soreness
  • A large increase in training volume causes more soreness

While some say soreness is not necessarily necessary for muscular growth it seems that minimal soreness may be necessary as a method of causing the signaling to satellite cells to repair microtearing in muscles after exercise.

The key is to use an amount of volume that causes the minimal amount of soreness to sustain growth.

This is accomplished by slowly adding volume and providing at least 48 hours between working a body part again. Most non enhanced lifters do best with a 3-4 day a week program which balances workout days with rest days. 


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