Why some progress others dont

You can’t serve two masters at once. There is something called specificity of effort or focus. You can’t train like a marathon runner and expect to look like Mr Olympia. In other words you can only focus on one goal at a time to the exclusion of others.

If you want to decrease your time in a three cone agility drill then you need to focus on 10 yard explosions, stability ball training, and especially running three cone drills to accomplish this.

What part of the bench press are you getting stuck on if your numbers are not increasing? If it’s locking out then focusing on tricep assistance exercises and doing upper half reps with more weight will help you burst through. If it’s lower half off the chest then lowering the amount of weight used and working on catches and plyometric pushups should help.

This is all part of designing your own program tailored to your individual needs.

Identify the goal, meet the need, then assess whether or not your assistance exercises are working. Rise and repeat.


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