a great full body exercise from head to toe. Some key tips to remember that are not covered in most descriptions:

  • Just like squats screw your hands into the floor for stability
  • On the way down try to pull the floor apart
  • On the way up try to push the floor together
  • Move you hands down toward your waist as far as is comfortable on setup
  • Squeeze your thighs and glutes together
  • Lower slowly and explode up
  • Having your feet propped up on a Swiss ball can add to the difficulty
  • For mass and strength do 10 or less reps each set
  • Do 10’s, then 9’s, then 8’s and so on until you get to 3’s (this is kind of like German volume training where the first few sets seem easy and prime you for the additional sets to follow. It’s a method of prefatigue.
  • Add weight when you can do 10 or more (a plate across the back, backpack w/weight, weighted vest, bands

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