Eat for your body type

Ectomorphs are able to process carbs more easily and should bump them up to gain lean muscle tissue Endomorphs tend to be more carb sensitive and should reduce that macronutrient Mesomorphs can focus on getting an adequate caloric intake to support gains


As with every meal you should include a complex carb, fat, protein. Depending on whether or not you are training in the morning should determine your timing. If possible give your body an hour to begin the digestive process before training. Then within 20 minutes of your session you have a simple carb and protein.

Work the curve

Often I see individuals do tricep pressdowns and they move the bar in a very short movement only at the bottom. What is being missed is stressing the muscle over a full range of movement. Since gravity and in the case of the pulley and weight stack are moving vertically there is little to no … More Work the curve


a great full body exercise from head to toe. Some key tips to remember that are not covered in most descriptions: Just like squats screw your hands into the floor for stability On the way down try to pull the floor apart On the way up try to push the floor together Move you hands … More Push-ups 

Keep it simple 

most new resistance trainers use too many exercises, too much volume, too heavy a weight when starting. It takes years of dedication and a lifestyle change to get optimal results. All of these articles that claim six weeks to a six pack are not realistic. 

Build strong bones

one of the benefits of resistance training is strong bones. By stressing your skeletal structure your bones and tendons and ligaments strengthen and thicken helping prevent osteoporosis. General weight training helps but if you want to take it a step further lockouts where you hold a weight in place just below the end point of … More Build strong bones

Pump it up

if you are having trouble getting a muscle pump when you are working out the culprit may be too little carbs. Carbs bind to water and without them the ability to and maintain a muscular pump is diminished. While a pump is not necessarily required for growth it usually follows that the muscles that pump … More Pump it up